Belcher Hollow Forge has been involved with plays, operas, ballets and theme park related scenic fabrication for 10 years. Working with area scenic shops, BHF has created everything from thrones, clocks, canons, doors, walls, etc. The pieces are too numerous to list. Alongside Michael Hagan Inc., Belcher Hollow Forge created the entire set for Cincinati Ballet's 2011 Nutcracker. One of the most elaborate ever made. The set included fly-away walls, free standing over-sized doors, 3D props and a matching armoire and grandfather clock that grew to twice their original height right before the audience's eyes. Many of the pieces seen here are from many Nutcracker productions over the years. As well as set pieces from The Pearl Fishers, Il Trovatore, Fancy Free, The Golden Cockerel and many, many more.